Wahab Almuhtadi
(Nominated by IEEE Region 7)

Candidate for 

IEEE Canada President-Elect (IEEE Region 7 Director-Elect/Delegate-Elect), 2024-2025

IEEE Canada President (IEEE Region 7 Director/Delegate), 2026-2027

IEEE Canada (IEEE Region 7)

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Dr. Wahab Almuhtadi has over 32 years of industry experience, and in parallel, over 26 years of university teaching experience. He’s a Professor/Coordinator of the “Optical Systems and Sensors” Program, Algonquin College/Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He’s a Research Council Member, Digital Research Alliance of Canada. Previously, he worked at Nortel as Senior System Engineer, Optical Solutions Research & Development.

With his professional background, he demonstrated outstanding leadership in establishing the Applied Research & Innovations with $10.5M fund that fostered Algonquin College to become Polytechnic Institution. He is the founder of the $6M cutting-edge Optophotonics Lab/Optical Communications Network 200 Gbps, the only lab of its kind in any educational institute. He’s one of the founders of $65M “Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (CENGN), Canada”. His engineering and research expertise are in the areas of photonics, optical systems and sensors, optical communications, wireless, and electrical engineering. He published several technical papers and books. He received several awards from IEEE, academia, and industry, e.g., 2010 IEEE Leadership Award, 2015 IEEE Canada W.R. Service Award, 2009 Laurent Isabelle Teaching Excellence, 2006 NISOD Award, and 2015 Canadian Pacific Railway Engineering Medal, Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC).  Dr. Almuhtadi is a Professional Engineers of Ontario (P.Eng.), a Senior Member of IEEE (SMIEEE), and a Fellow of Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC).

Dr. Almuhtadi is actively involved in IEEE for over 29 years serving in many executive level posts across IEEE (IEEE TAB/MGA, Society, Region, Section, Chapter, Committee, Student Branch). Just to name a few, he is a Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc), he served as the President and the Chair of Board of Governors of IEEE Consumer Technology Society (CTSoc) in 2019-2022, served as Member of ComSoc Board of Governors and Director of ComSoc North American Board in 2019-2020. He’s still serving in many IEEE Boards and Committees. Dr. Almuhtadi has organized and chaired 35+ international engineering conferences (e.g., Executive Conference Chair of IEEE ICC 2012, ICC 2021; and currently IEEE ICC 2025).


Wahab Almuhtadi
Professor & Coordinator
Algonquin College

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada